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Business Services

Organizing rate: Starting at $170 per hour for 2 organizers. $140 per hour for 1 organizer. (3 hour minimum)


Are your files out of control? Is your reception desk an eyesore? Does it take you a long time to track down office supplies or important papers?


We will create systems to help your business run more smoothly and efficiently.

Design Plan:
Starting at $1,025 per office.
from $1,200 per open space (i.e. foyer, lobby, multipurpose space).

from $1,400 per exterior (i.e. foyer, lobby, multipurpose space).

This is a hands on approach. We will create a custom design, complete with room layout, paint color options and furniture/decor selections.


Hourly rates apply for shopping, decorating and organizing after initial design plan is approved by client.

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