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Canefield Client


What started as a whole home declutter after 40 years of living there, turned into all that and much more! Room by room, we weeded out things that needed a new home. While it was difficult for the homeowner initially, she grew comfortable with our team and made tremendous progress. Seeing the benefits of purging was a great motivator!

​While learning our clients' hopes and dreams for their beloved home, we designed a remodel they could enjoy for years to come. Together with To The Full Construction, this family home was transformed for this "sweet" couple and their extended family. They were a true joy to work with. I will always have fond memories of the countless sugar cane fields we passed while driving to and from their house on each work day.

The Life House


“Transitional housing for men over 18 who are homeless and/or struggling with addiction.”


When The Church United acquired the former St. James Youth Detention Center in Louisiana, they set out to consolidate their two men's homes (Donaldsonville and Gonzales) into one large campus. Our space planning, consulting and decorating was one part of this massive effort.


We were tasked with creating a welcoming, home-like environment for all of the men who would live there for a time. Being a former detention center, there was a lot working against us. The cold, block walls were a biggie. Lack of natural light was another. The wall color was pre-determined and paint was provided in bulk prior to hiring us, so we did have to work with the color throughout the entire campus.


We decorated multiple offices and a few of the dorm buildings. There were five identical dorm buildings. Each building was divided in half (A + B), housing 15 men on each side. The bunk rooms surround one main hang out space on each side. These "living rooms" aren't what you would see in a personal residence. We had to get creative in order to seat all 15 men, should they be there at the same time. The goal was to create conversational seating and not seating for tv watching. Because both sides were mirror image, we created a space plan easily duplicated for each of the buildings. We then decorated Dorms 3 and 4 from scratch, Dorm 5 with second hand furniture and later Dorms 1 and 2 were decorated by The Church United staff.

The Ruth House


"The Life House Women (aka The Ruth House) is tailored for those who recognize their need for spiritual growth, accountability, and disciplined living. The Life House provides food, shelter, transportation, mentorship, and assistance with supportive services during the 12 month program."

After designing three separate men's home campuses, The Church United hired us to create their first women's home. While I tend to lean more masculine in my design style, it was so fun to stretch my skills and create such a feminine environment for these ladies! It was an honor to be part of this special transformation. The Church United provided the labor and we collaborated with Cabinets 'R Us to build the custom cabinetry for this project. Moree's Pro Flooring installed all of the flooring and tile. We worked with Caleb Jones Construction to remodel the little pink office a few months later.

Luxury Organizing