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Fun Family Juggles Remodel Pt. 4

Written by Mollie Johnson 11/22/2021


No more green. The homeowners definitely wanted the green tile countertops and backsplash to become a distant memory. Mission accomplished! In order to make the island all one level and a bit wider, I proposed removing the rest of the U-shaped kitchen to the right of the sink. This would allow comfortable space for barstools and foot traffic. We have added in so much extra storage that no one should miss those cabinets.

The photo below shows where the fridge (and cabinet to the right of it) had been removed to create an opening to the brand new pantry (carved out of the former dining room).

Relocating the fridge was crucial when considering the new layout. Removing the built in desk was also a no-brainer. We just aren't using them as much in today's modern kitchen. Chip and the homeowner removed part of the soffit above the old desk and pantry wall and we were able to hide the rest of it with the specific way that Corey built the upper cabinets.

Ok, so the "after" lacks the personal touch (aka children's drawings), but we still think it turned out pretty great! And check out the built in Miele coffee system...the coolest appliance in my opinion.

With the new pantry and moving one cased opening, it was decided the brick floors would have to come out. I know their new kitchen table and chairs will thank them! Speaking of those -- the homeowner chose this set from local furniture refinisher, Amy Nelson. Removing the brick floors may have been where the brick walls came into play. We wanted to add some texture and character in the kitchen. We didn't want everything to feel brand new, so we devised a plan to extend the backsplash to the surrounding walls.

They chose wonderful appliances throughout. And there were a couple of fun specialty items. The husband got the coffee maker, while the wife chose this water bottle filler.

All of the counters were topped with this beautiful quartz.

I thought we would get to the pantry today, but there were just too many photos for this post. I will round up the rest next time! Thanks for following along. :)

Photography by Vanissa Murphy


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