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OUR SOUTHERN EXIT: Leaving Louisiana – Pt. 2

April 2022: Our journey out of southeast Louisiana after living there as a transplant for 15 years.

Written by Mollie Johnson 10/30/2023

Moving Out Of Our House.

My husband had to move up to Washington right away – about a month before closing. We loaded up his vehicle with necessities on April 1 and off he went to stay in a little furnished apartment indefinitely. I had my friends and helpers (Brooke, Rachel and Jenni) assist with the packing. I did a lot myself and was so thankful for the days they came to my rescue. I was also working full time with clients, dealing with all things move-related and helping our son with his first-time home purchase details long distance.

Beskar, my nemesis, rising above it all.

“Cowboy” and his crew with Move-It-Or-Lose-It were awesome! They loaded up three U-Haul U-Boxes to ship our belongings to Washington. I stored everything that didn't fit in the boxes at my shop. I knew I would have more to move after shutting down my business in the fall.

Cowboy and Lewis went above and beyond to maximize every inch of the U-Boxes.

I filled the shop (where I operated my business at the time) with everything that didn’t fit in the first three U-Boxes. Are you overwhelmed looking at this photo below? Don’t be fooled -- I was, too. I may not get overwhelmed by our client's homes, but it does happen to me personally from time to time. My friends and crew really pulled me through the challenging months to come.

Believe it or not, the entire 1,400 sf shop looked like this!

Back to the house. How about some afters? These photos were taken by our realtor, Danielle Musso. She is amazing and goes the extra mile for all of her clients. We have worked together personally and professionally over the years. If you live in the Baton Rouge area, you must consider her. In fact, after 23 years in the business, she just opened her own firm!

Our home stood out among the comps in our area. This is proof that keeping your home maintained, current and decluttered will help you if/when the time comes for you to sell. Granted, we sold just before the interest rates skyrocketed in 2022, crippling potential buyers. We had 42 showings over a 3-day weekend and 17 offers to consider.

Click here to read the first in this Leaving Louisiana series, if you missed it! And click here to read the next post.


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