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One Room Challenge: Week 2 - SLEEK KITCHEN UPDATE

Are you the type of person who starts a new project before the current one is finished? Apparently, that’s me.

Around mid-February, I started repainting our master bedroom in anticipation of upgrading to a king bed (after much convincing from my wonderful, tall husband, lol)! So, while he was out of town visiting a dear friend, I primed over the dark navy bedroom walls. And, knowing that the kitchen was our next DIY project, I thought, “why not prime the dark grey walls in the kitchen while I’m at it? I mean, I already had the primer and roller ready to go!

Because much of Week 2 was spent on the bedroom, little progress was made in the kitchen. But, I did manage to confound my family a time or two.

On Monday, I purchased a pull out drawer from Lowe’s to test fit in our peninsula. I have added many to my client’s homes over the years. The technology has come a long way, so I’m glad I waited so long to add these to my own kitchen! They are full-extension AND soft close! So, instead of rebuilding our peninsula to have actual drawers instead of cabinet doors, this is a cost-effective solution. I installed a mesh pull out for plastic containers a couple years ago, but it barely pulls out half way and defeats the purpose of functionality.

On Tuesday, one of my assistants, Jenni, came over to work with me. We unloaded the lower cabinets, packing up all of the things I knew we would not need over the next month. My husband and I sort through the house often, so we only had two items to donate. But, it still felt good to lighten our load. Jenni and I also removed the cabinet knobs and pulls so that I can patch the holes in anticipation of new hardware. My son came home from work that night and was probably only slightly surprised as he reached to open a cabinet. After twenty years, my projects come as no surprise anymore. (As a toddler, my son seriously thought all moms used paint brushes and power tools.)

Back to the progress...I measured every drawer and cabinet so I can reorganize on paper and plan my next steps. But first, I MUST decide on a dresser and nightstands because the bed we sold had drawers in the base and our clothes have no home…unless you count the dining room, couch and laundry room. My husband has patience for me, but I’m pretty sure I’m testing it, lol!

Up next…Lord willing, we’ll patch the holes, thoroughly clean the cabinets and prime them for our dark new paint!

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