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One Room Challenge: Week 3 - SLEEK KITCHEN UPDATE

Cabinets have been cleaned and hardware removed!

Jenni came through for me again this week! This time with my most dreaded task…cleaning and deglossing the kitchen cabinets. Ugh. Not my favorite. I’d easily find something else to work on over THAT! It’s definitely way more fun with a friend. I highly recommend you find one!

Last week, my husband and I decided the position of the new knobs could just go in the existing bottom hole in the cabinet doors (or top hole in the lowers). [PAY ATTENTION: that info will be important later.] I had a sample in brass that I was trying out just to get a good visual. Ideally, the knobs would have been installed about ¼” lower, but I opted to let the holes stay put in order to save me the step of redrilling later. (Of course, I waffled on this decision for about a week. My husband is great at keeping me on track and helping me to not overthink things. Although, I still overthink, but I don’t think it’s overthinking. It’s just being thoughtful and conscientious.) Aaaanyway, I love the knobs! Now, I am on the hunt for a good pull for the drawers.

Soooo, while I was patching the cabinet holes, I made a mistake. That’s two nights in a row that I was working on cabinets after 11 PM and goofed. Maybe I need to stop working with power tools after 10 PM? But really, that’s about the time I’m just getting started, lol! My husband works nights, so evenings are the perfect time for me to be loud and messy.

Ok, TRY to follow along: After all of the lower holes were filled with wood putty, I moved to the uppers. I proceeded to fill all but one LOWER hole on the UPPERS (face-palm). THAT is where the new knobs will gooooo! Ugh. Seriously?! For a second, I thought, I guess I WILL redrill later. But, after filling the proper holes, I used a cabinet screw to push the wood putty through each mistake. Done! Time for bed.

The aftermath of adding wood putty to the wrong holes.

The mess and disorganization was really starting to wear on me. So, I painted two coats of white on the walls above our cabinets (I’m basically tackling one wall at a time.) Then, I tidied up a bit and cleaned up my paint supplies and put away stuff I knew I was finished with. Ahhh. Waking up to order amidst chaos is a great way to start the day! I also found a clever "don't-try-this-at-home" trick so I could paint the "only-husband-can-reach" corner. Score! He was working and I wasn't waiting, lol!

To make the cabinet doors and drawers less frustrating, I added tape “knobs” to each one so we can open them easily. (We have already ripped one of them off. Oh, well.) Tonight, I started painting the crown and toe kick with a grey primer. I do plan to remove the doors to make painting the base easier. I can take the doors off, lightly sand the fronts and take them to my shop to paint them. Maybe next week?

Brooke has been working for me over the past few years. She just stopped by this evening and I shared my next steps with her. I think she said I was brave...or maybe crazy. No, I'll go with brave. Haha! Deep breath...this is the halfway mark and I'm trying not to allow that fact to overwhelm me too much! I'm just happy to have actually posted on the right day this week. Woohoo! Small victories.

Go check out the amazing design challenge participants of the One Room Challenge here: ORC

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