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One Room Challenge: Week 4 - SLEEK KITCHEN UPDATE

It feels like weeks 3 and 4 moved along slowly and quickly at the same time! BUT, all of the cabinet bases are now primed and ready for paint. On Monday, I removed all of the cabinet doors and brought them to my shop to safely paint off site. They just really get in the way when you’re living in your remodel. It will also make painting the bases a faster job.

I finally pulled the trigger and ordered our splurge item…Schoolhouse’s Mid-Century Knobs in polished nickel for our cabinet doors. They are solid brass and have a nice weight to them. Super sleek! The Home Depot had a few more items that we needed: polished nickel drawer pulls, a new faucet and a mini flush mount light fixture that I had been looking at elsewhere. When I was finally ready to order it, my search showed The Home Depot had it for $41 off! Score! Let’s see if I can replace the light fixture myself to save costs. I have successfully swapped out wall sconces before, so there’s hope. The kitchen faucet, I’m not so sure about. Plumbing scares me.

Before priming the drawer fronts, I marked and drilled where the new pulls will go. Then, I sanded the fronts to smooth out the putty. All of the drawer liners were old and sticking to the bottom, so I tossed those and cleaned each drawer. Hopefully, I can trim some new white liners before too long. The contents are already pretty organized, but I may tweak a few things if time permits.

Last night, I ordered curtains and a rug for the dining area. Both were on sale big time! It pays to stalk the websites daily! Aside from the cabinet pull out drawers (and more paint), everything has been purchased/ordered and is scheduled to arrive in time. Now, I just need to paint like crazy to be finished and photographed by the end of week 6. Yep...I'm starting to get nervous. What did I sign up for, lol?!

As I stated previously, this is my first attempt at the One Room Challenge. I have been nervous about following the rules (which are pretty simple, but still...) and getting my blog out on time, etc., etc. With everything else going on in my life, this has been both overwhelming and a blessing. As a designer and business owner, it can be very difficult to have the time or energy to work on my own projects. I know it sounded crazy to those around me to join this, but there is something about a deadline that is so powerful. If I don’t finish on time, that’s ok. The ORC is not a competition. It is a challenge and I love that Linda Weinstein started this many years ago for that very reason!

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