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Shop Transformation: 8.Pink Bedroom turned Paint Room

The room that almost wasn't.

The little bedroom in the back was the only room still full of my landlord's things. They asked if I would mind leaving the stuff there and just not use that space. Early on, this entire project was so overwhelming that I did not considering appealing that request. As the remodel progressed, I knew I couldn't just ignore it. It smelled old. It was valuable square footage. And I was fairly certain the room's purpose would reveal itself before long. So much time had been spent making the rest of the shop smell as fresh and clean as possible, it seemed a shame to allow that bedroom to remain as is. So, I tackled it.

My son and his best friend came to my rescue one morning! It may have helped that I plied them with donuts. They hauled out the good building materials and stored them in the attic. Anything rotten or damaged was tossed and the good things were given back to the landlords. We left their table saw in there and shut the door....for a looooong time.

Mike, the burly guy I hired to level the shop early on, had to go in there a few times. The room creeped even him out, lol! Mike said something about a mouse doing push ups in there and said the mouse pretty much owned that corner of the shop. Just typing that reminds me of how far we have come on this journey.

After painting the rest of the shop (floors, walls, ceiling), I pulled out that fancy vinyl flooring and started priming the pink bedroom. I still wasn't sure what I would use it for. But I knew it needed A LOT of white paint before I could even get inspired.

I primed the plywood floor to at least kill the smell in there. Vinyl sheet flooring was a very inexpensive solution for this room. Lowe's had a grey option that worked well with the rest of the painted floors, so I bought what I needed and hired Brooke's husband, Joey to trim and install it for me. I was too busy with work and too tired to risk not doing it well. Sometimes, you've just got to hire things out to keep your sanity.

It was quite a scene, but I managed to hang Beverly's old door on the back wall as "art" and I think Joey may have reenforced it for me later. Some work details are just a blur.

The front door for many, many years...

The old door hanging up as an artful tribute inside the shop.

Before long, I knew the "pink room" would be perfect for storing all of my paint, samples, supplies and brooms, etc. Ok, ok -- let's get to the before and afters!

My landlord is surprised that I don't have this pegboard labeled and outlined. Haha! She gets me! But seriously, the reason I chose not to is because I still move things around occasionally. If I had a larger team working with me, I probably would!

The beautiful door!

I took this pic after one coat of primer and one coat of Gray Owl. Still had two coats left to do (finished now, though). And no, I left the crack running down the length of the door as is. Remember people, I just need function here...not perfection.

Photographer: Vanissa Murphy

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