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Fun Family Juggles Remodel

Written by Mollie Johnson 11/2021

"When we fix up our house, I'm going to call you!" I've lost count of the number of times I have heard that phrase. And I totally get it. Not everyone gets around to the projects on their wish list or believes they can afford a designer. But when these friends DID call to discuss a potential remodel, they were serious. After years of saving and waiting to update their home, they saw the benefit of hiring me to head up the design.

I recall our first meeting. After getting the grand tour, I couldn't stop thinking about the 20' ceiling spanning from the entryway to the living room. Those rooms, in addition to the kitchen, dining room and stairs were soon to be my marching orders. The homeowners decided to remodel the main, shared spaces only and leave the laundry room, sun room and all bedrooms and baths for later. The end result gave them a beautifully updated home with a few projects to tackle as they see fit in the future.


The carpet was removed from the stairs, which were then completely rebuilt. All interior doors were replaced, the entry door was repaired and wall paneling was added. We even borrowed some space from the "under stairs" closet and built a little drawer for bulky blankets, accessible from the entry. I cannot be held responsible for it becoming an awesome hiding spot or a tiny fort. Ha!


This little hallway leading to the living room had a lot of potential for such a small space. With all of the white walls, surrounding it, I proposed painting the walls a dark grey. Our friend, Shelton Louviere built the picture ledges to display this family's loved ones. The ledges coordinate beautifully with the new laminate floors.


The husband got a kick out of the term "powder room" and oddly enough, this little room proved to be a challenge for all involved. The wife absolutely wanted shiplap somewhere from the beginning. But, because I chose a more formal wall treatment for the main living area, I was still on the hunt for an appropriate location. The powder room seemed like the right spot and we are all happy with it. We looked at more pieces of wall art to go above the toilet than I can recall. Sometimes all three of us hated a piece, one saw something inappropriate in the abstract art, or it was 2 against 1 -- you get the idea. Ultimately, the wife found this framed art while shopping and I love it! I like how the earth tones contrast the cool grey and white, while bringing in warmth. The abstract design is interesting, too. But someone else sees a giraffe, lol!

More rooms to come!


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